Crafts and Recipes



• Fix a marshmallow or more on one end of a lollipop stick


 • Dip it into melted chocolate chips


• Add some sprinkles and let it dry.


The kids will enjoy fixing the marshmallow and adding the sprinkles. Let the excess chocolate drip off before adding the sprinkles and ensure that the coating is not too thick.

This is just one way to display them!


Use your imagination or put into lollipop bags.

You will need


• Wood dowel rods,

• Pipe cleaners

• Tri-beads in your choice of color.


I also used red glitter glue. Also, when I am doing a beading activity with little beads I like to use a cookie tray to contain everything. Start by threading the beads on the pipe cleaner. When all the beads are on bend it into a heart and twist the ends together snugly.

Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around the dowel.


I tucked one end along the dowel and wrapped the other around it then tied them and wrapped until all the pipe cleaner was wrapped tightly around it.


If necessary, use a little glue.


Give it a shake test before passing it to your little Valentine.


You can decorate the rods too!